The Process

Each finished piece of art or jewelry at Crystal Forms starts life as a concept. No sketches are made, only a physical, 3-dimensional shape—often times larger than the final form. Concepts are studied and analyzed.

This can take months to a year or more for me! I won't move forward until I feel comfortable with look and feel of the piece. Refinement is key to my process and, at Crystal Forms, stress testing is an important part of that refining.

Pieces are stress tested, a procedure I learnt from my first teacher. 


He was a bit of a klutz; always dropping pieces—but he dropped pieces on purpose, as well, and was fond of drop testing on tile especially. My pieces are constructed to withstand some harsh treatment. Often they're dropped from neck height. But we advise you not to try this at home—leave the testing to us! Tested to show how sound they're built.

Jewelry items are given to everyday women to test. They will wear the pieces for several weeks and report any discomfort or concerns while wearing. We listen to their suggestions and try to make pieces as comfortable and as light as possible. 

In my early years as a lampworker, one of the most important lessons I learnt was when I saw an Egyptian glass bead, dated around 1500 BC. Centuries old and made from material less complex and hardwearing than some modern materials used today, it was still intact and had retained its beauty. 


That amazing bead showed me that some things are meant to last, and with meticulous attention to design, construction, and refinement, they will.


Crystal Forms is no different.