The Material

"Light refraction without the use of a facet"

Borosilicate crystal is the preferred choice of the master craftsman at Crystal Forms; the material was developed in the late 19th century and has been proven to be durable. It is more resistant to thermal shock than other types of crystal which makes it unique, high temperatures which exceed a 1000 Fahrenheit are used to work the material and with it we are able to achieve an excellent quality finish.


Some other uses of Borosilicate would include the thermal insulated tiles on the space shuttle which were coated with the same material and manufactures also use it in their refractors for lighting.


 The material also works well with 24 karat gold and other precious metals where we’re able to capture it within the crystal to achieve different color variations, while capturing the natural light and reflections of the surrounding environment.


 A clear example of this ‘marriage’ of crystal, light and precious metals, can be seen in our “Diamond Collection” and other pieces.